Back in April I posted THIS which explains why 5 months ago  I was not a runner and why I now consider my self to sort of be one.

Sometime between then and now I decided to run a half marathon in preparation for Boston (if I were lucky enough to get a charity bib) and 17 other ladies are joining me on 10/27 to Run Healdsburg on team Boston or Bust.

I started training pretty much right away at the end of April.  I started slow. I read a book.  I cross trained. It worked.

Tomorrow I will attempt to go farther than I have yet.  I have done 8 miles twice and will try for 10 in the morning.

I have also signed up for my first 10K on 9/15.  It is a trail run and has the potential to be really hilly and probably hellish. But Im excited.

I should find out about Boston any day now.  I might throw up if I actually get a bib.  we will see.

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