Tuesday, April 21, 2015

to blog or not to blog

bear with me on this one. its been a while. 

i went to my second Hozier show last week.  it was amazing, more amazing than the first only because i was about 20 feet away this time and could see his every feature. i could see his fingers on the guitar and the sweat on his brow and the saliva jump from his mouth as he sang.  i could see every emotion. i could see how he swept his hair behind his ear and the gratitude he felt for his audience. 

know what else i could see? about 17 cell phones raised above the heads in front of me recording or instagramming or facebooking the entire show. 
i wanted to take pictures too.  and I did.  i took three.  but only one worked because my phone hates me*

but all the absent minded recording that was happening in front of me made me think.  it made me a little sad. ive written about this before.  about the theology class i took at GMU and the professor who said something very clever about how in sharing ones experiences we lose part of that experience. like the story a fisherman tells about the big fish he caught and how each time he tells it the fish is just that much bigger. it might make the story slightly more interesting for the listener but doesnt it make the story kind of suck for the teller? it does.  there is something about experiencing something and just keeping it for you. 

i swear to you the girl in front of me was literally yawning as she recorded songs from the show. Hozier is not yawn music-it is in the moment, emotional, beautifully written music. i urge you to see him live if you can (the opening band, well that is another story). but here was this girl recording it for recording sake so she could share it on her social media-but what did she get from it? what did she get from the show? did she feel the music, did she connect with the lyrics? i dont know. 

im reading a book called "all the light we cannot see" by anthony doerr (just this week it was awarded the pulitzer for literature) and it is fabulous. (i guarantee you i thought this BEFORE it won the pulitzer). anyway, there is this line in the book that has stuck with me “Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.” I know, right? 

oh, what is it that i am trying to say? if you know me you know I love social media.  i will make a case FOR facebook (or most kinds of social sharing) any day.  and im not going to stop using it anytime soon. its just that im taking stock lately.  of my life and of what i want to share-what i feel is important to share-what i need to really share. all this to say 
this is why i think its been a while. 

*i posted that pic.

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Unknown said...

Funny, I just had a discussion with a stranger at Verve about this. he was at the Hozier show and told me how annoying the crowd was. People recording, ladies chatting the whole time about when that one song they knew was coming on. At Milky Chance it was standing room, there wasn't much recording but there was a lot of dancing and it was good. Dancing>social sharing I love you. I'm happy for you growing so much that you can just be in the moments without sharing, blogging. I think that's way harder and much richer xx