Thursday, June 19, 2014

santa barbara

the four of us went back down to santa barbara (or as some call it, normal island) last weekend.  we went for the 3rd annual paddle for sorel-a fundraiser put on by our awesomely cool friends Chris and Megan-for their daughter Sorel who has Rett.  it is a really cool event.  there is a send off early in the morning at one beach and then a welcome back at another beach-9 miles away, followed by food and a raffle and fun.

we had every intention of being there for the welcome back portion as we had been last year.  but we got a late start saturday morning and then hit traffic and then my flip flop broke and then we got there and it was over. but there were still hugs all around-some playing in the sand, visiting, chip eating and laughs were had.

we were just in time to head back to megan and chris' place which is maybe one of the most comfortable and comforting places in the world. there were several other families there with their daughters with rett syndrome.  several siblings.  neighbors.  it is just about the coolest place to be.  megans parents were there too, in town from connecticut and they STILL let us crash in their house.  there were air mattresses-couches-kids crammed into every corner at bed time.

colleen and jared were there with claire and chloe.  they make me smile-for so many reasons.
laurie and eric were there with josie and jocelyn.  loving getting to know them better.
silvia was there with olivia and brianna and ava and there is nothing like a silvia hug.
and megan and chris-they are the most relaxed chill sweet understanding giving people.

it is comfortable. it is easier. it is normal.

the next day we took sorel, xander, avery and nolan to the pier in SB.  We went to the Sea Center.  We went to a restaurant for lunch. Avery yelled.  she pulled her plate off the table and covered her mom in tartar sauce. and it was ok.  I gave the couple next to us an avery card to explain the yells and the strollers/wheelchairs.  as we left he said to me "hey! good luck to you guys-keep up the good fight" and it was rad.

i loved it all. the traffic, the flip flop mishap, the missing the whole reason we drove 5 hours each way. so worth it to be with these people. loved it.

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