Sunday, June 8, 2014

oops, missed May.

havent written in a while.  sometimes i get a little bogged down in making sure what I write is funny or touching or moving and forget that i just need to write. i missed the entire month of may for really no good reason and its a total bummer because may was mostly awesome.

notes and words was the beginning.  played golf first with brian and leeann and then dinner at a fantastic restaurant called Duende in Oakland.  the show was amazing as usual.  we had a blast.

Nolans class had muffins for mom to celebrate mothers day.  it was very sweet.  we had muffins and fruit and the class treated us to some songs.  mothers day was amazing.  lots of relaxing, some pool time, a little champagne then a last minute get together with some family.

we saw our niece Hattie get baptized in the city and the kids were really good.  the day after was spent in Napa with Julie at a charity fundraiser event at Hall Winery.  A gorgeous day with yummy food and wine-plus it benefited the clinic among other deserving charities.

i attended the samantha corpus golf tournament dinner which is always a good time.  sat with some families and drs. was overwhelmed once again by the generosity of the people in attendance.  this tournament is in its ninth year and has raised over 1.4 million for IRSF (now known as

then it was time to celebrate my 40th.  sure it was a month early-but it was perfect. so many friends made the trip to tahoe-we got to see our friends pete and val from CO (whom we hadnt seen in over 4 years).  red and I drove up on thursday and didnt come home till monday.  couldnt have done it without gramma taking the kids and keeping them safe and happy!  we sunned and cocktailed and sunned.  the boys golfed, we ate, we gambled, we bowled.  it was perfect. i felt the love for sure.

i returned to real life to some terrible news.  one of our clinic patients had passed away over the weekend.  she was 26.  it was so sudden and shocking-especially since I had just seen her parents at the corpus dinner the week before.  then there I am watching them grieve for and bury their only child. it was a beautiful service.  her friends were there-one of whom spoke using his speech device.  judy from our clinic spoke-she had know this young woman for 17 years-it was so moving. that was the 2nd funeral i had been to since I started at the clinic and I hope I never need to go to another.  it is a terrible feeling to be able to picture it happening to you. it is just so sad.

the good thing about being sad is when it turns to anger and you are forced to do something.  im on the board of a newer foundation called rettland foundation.  we help lessen the burden of paying for clinical trial travel expenses-there are trials going on and there are families that want to participate but they cant because of finances.  we want to be able to do more.  if you can help check out -avery thanks you.

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