Saturday, March 29, 2014

kinda like a second pregnancy

you know when you get pregnant for the first time and you are all excited and writing everything down and checking websites to see how big your baby is day by day? and you cant wait for people to ask you how far along you are and how you are feeling and are you finding out if its a boy or a girl?

and then you get pregnant the second time and you do none of that? and want none of those questions? and you just want the baby OUT!?

its the same thing when you decide to train for a marathon, and then train for that same marathon the next year.

last year I carried the book that contained my training program everywhere i went.  making sure i was checking off all my workouts and runs exactly as planned.  this year that book lies untouched on my dresser. I did make a calendar with my workouts on it but im definitely not following it with the same kind of fervor as last year.

last year i wanted to talk about it all the time.  to tell people about my runs, my sprints, (okay, maybe i never really did sprints) my mileage. i wanted to tell people how sore i was and talk about shot blocks and hydration.

last year I was so into the process and PETRIFIED for the race.  out of my mind nervous.  exactly how i was when i was pregnant with Avery. consumed with the process and terrified of actually giving birth.

i run into people now and they all want to know "how is training?" and I have to fight the urge to groan.  but the truth is I just want this part to be over.  i want it to be race day, go time.  im OVER carrying this baby!!  so over it!
i mean, I am supposed to run TWENTY miles. TWENTY.  i did this last time!!!!  i dont wanna!!!!!

i just want this baby OUT!!!!!!

in less whine worthy news-team rett 2014 has raised $121,726 SO FAR.  Just about to surpass last year. and Im so proud of all of us-whether its our second, third or first!   counting down the moments until i get to walk up to that start line and get going.

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