Sunday, January 26, 2014

10 miles

i ran 10 miles today. definitely procrastinated getting out there but finally did.  it was a gorgeous day and under 50 degrees, just like i like it.  this time i drove to the gym and started there-the iron horse trail goes right by the parking lot so it is very convenient.  and im so so tired of the trail from home to there-ive run it too many times to count now. 

took what felt like forever to get halfway to halfway and i got dizzy a couple times before i hit halfway.  just after, i decided to check my phone and i had 2 texts.  one of my besties who knew i was running said "Go E! Hope you're having a great run!" which made me smile.  then a co worker texted me "you are pretty f*#!^&* awesome.  keep that s#*% up" which made me laugh.

then because i was already on a little walk break, i checked facebook.  there was a message from a childhood friend, Tara.  A month or so ago she contacted me saying she was running  the Shamrock Whale Challenge (super badass-8k on Saturday and a full marathon sunday) this March and asked if she could raise money for rett syndrome in honor of Avery.  I guided her to the rett racers program through IRSF-after I did that crazy cry where you laugh at the same time because you are so damn touched you cant take it.

So her message today was that she finally set up her page and would it be ok to link to my blog and steal a pic of Avery? And that she runs past my old house when she is out on her runs and it brings back fond memories.  I immediately started running again as I sniffled and wiped away the tears that were jumping out of my eyes.  I had this feeling like everything was just right at that moment.  that my life, our life with Rett, is exactly what it is supposed to be. 

i know this seems like a theme and im repeating myself a bit here-but i cant seem to get used to this new place im in. its definitely not all unicorns and rainbows, but its pretty great.  

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Colleen said...

I feel like there's nothing wrong with a few unicorns and rainbows now and then. Way to go!