Sunday, December 29, 2013


i got sick right before thanksgiving and maintained an annoying cold/cough for about a month.  maybe that is part of why i havent posted here in over a month, maybe not.

thanksgiving was spent with family a few days before and with friends the day of. a perfect mix. i was on a champagne and motrin diet that week due to my sore throat and not wanting to miss the mashed potatoes. that lasted well into december-but it got better and i pressed on.

started the month off with an annual trip to the outlets in napa with my girls.  shopping, champagne and lunch.  no better way to kick off the holiday season.

Boston training officially started-albeit a rough start, due to not feeling well for so long.  training has taken another recent hit due to the holidays, time off, sitters-every excuse in the book basically.  back to work this week for sure.

in the meantime we had dinners with friends, went to a great holiday cocktail party, played a super fun nine holes with two of my favorite ladies, went to a holiday boutique, met up with a childhood friend, had the kids school conferences, listened in on a conference call with well known neurologists, and went to another holiday boutique fundraiser for Children's (which also doubled as a great day with some amazing ladies in the city at the ritz plus dinner out and then dancing).

then we took the kids to dinner with another family and it was a total success. with avery. yeah.  i know. then i took avery to a cookie exchange at her second cousins and it was a total success.  right?  seriously.  many many little girls the same age as Avery and not a tear from my eye.

there were girls' nights, playgroups, and 3rd birthday parties.
this past week has been nothing short of epic.

on the 23rd we had our third annual dinner on christmas eve eve with great friends. on christmas eve we hosted here again-family and some friends for drinks and dinner and cheer.  we swapped gifts and played games and laughed so hard we cried.  the kids had a blast and santa even showed up. christmas day was great.  the kids loved it, we made and devoured crepes like i did when i was a kid. then we spent the evening with family and just had a blast. avery's second cousin who is in 5th grade asked all kinds of cool questions about avery and before I knew it she was asking her yes no questions about music.  we were dying laughing because she kept saying "no" to "do you like mumford and sons?" she thought it was hysterical and it was.

then on the 26th we joined some friends at zoo lights at the oakland zoo. with the kids of course. and it was incredible.  avery loved it.  loved. it felt so amazingly normal and awesome.  Nolan saying things like "look goosey, look at all the lights!".  we put her on the car ride with the other kids and she loved it. the carousel? whoa.  never seen those dimples so deep.

the day after that we packed up and left for a weekend in tahoe.  we went with good friends who have a son the same age as nolan and a younger daughter.  we made chili, played dominoes, refereed kid fights, sledded, built fires, drank champagne out of tiny glasses, laughed and ate and laughed and ate. on the way home we all stopped at the Scandia Family Fun Center-this place right off the freeway-mini golf, go karts, batting cages and an arcade.  We ate lunch there and played 18 mini holes of golf. and we had a total blast. total.

im still stunned that it IS GETTING EASIER.  it IS. not to say there arent still sad moments, and frustration-there are. but....there has been a lot of good this year.  so much.  and Im so looking forward to 2014 because there will be so much more.
checking out the turtles


reptile house

grossest dinner ever in the cafe!

i mean.

riding the cars with Jacob and little Avery

really?  sledding?

seriously, mom?

this was the best we could get.

tech kids

this was my workout for the day

she wears the gear well-even while sleeping sitting up

buds on a nature walk

home bound

fun stop at scandia!

he did get a hole in one!


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