Wednesday, November 20, 2013

the best company

many of you know that i will be returning to boston to finish what i started in april 2014 for the 118th boston marathon.  that in and of itself is exciting.  there are 10 of us returning with BAA bibs (given to us as invitational entries due to the terrorist attacks in 2013) and 15 with Team Rett bibs.  25 of us.  im so excited to go back.  it will be so emotional, so fulfilling, so triumphant. i knew several of the team rett runners last year because they were also rett parents.  one was a close friend-she actually finished the race (3:40:07!!) and is not returning in 2014.  but the others i didnt know.  and so i turned to facebook to get to know them.  i started a page for us-invited everyone that was on the team and also on facebook to join and introduce themselves. we shared what races we had done, our training plans, our connection to team rett and just got to know each other-as well as you can on social media. we cheered each other on as we went on our training runs, did smaller races and fretted over blisters and chafing and shoes and armbands. many days i would post as i headed out for a long run-dreading it. and i would get a response like "just let it happen, enjoy the beauty around you" and it would work. it would be my mantra through my run.

then the day came where we were to meet in person-the day before the race at the home of a wonderful woman and rett mom, Maria.  we met and hugged and chatted. it felt good to have gotten to know many of my team mates prior to that day-the ice had already been broken and we already felt like a family.

then the events of the day unfolded and we connected via that page. got in touch, reported who we had heard from who was ok.  thankfully we all were physically fine. and our family bonded even closer.

since april we have kept posting on the page and recently have just invited our newest team members to the page.  one of whom is my husband!  the best company for a marathon-especially one we are running in honor of goose. 

we start our training in about 2 weeks.  it will take some serious coordination but im so excited to go on this journey with Red.  he is too. 
the countdown is on.  151 days!!

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