Thursday, November 14, 2013

and now for something completely different.

something strange happened on saturday and i didnt even realize it till sunday. 
it went like this: we woke up and red went on a run, i hung with the kids and we had breakfast.  nolan was nursing a sore throat and a fever so we took his temp (normal) and laid low.  when red returned from his run he got ready to head to the Cal game.  i decided to go to gramma's with the kids.  all the cousins were there-we ate lunch, we relaxed, had a couple beers. the kids ran around and fought over hats and balls.  they helped the yard guy dig holes and cut branches.  it was a nice lazy saturday. around 3:30 nolan started to feel terrible again and we packed it in and went home.  Red came home not too long after we arrived and we just had a lazy night in.

sunday we woke up and had to cancel some plans (a bday party and a casual dinner date with friends) due to Nolan's fever being back up to 101.  we hung around the house, got lunch, rested, organized.  nothing special.

im not sure when it was that it hit me:

saturday was our four year anniversary of avery's diagnosis. and i totally forgot. completely.

funny thing is i remembered on Friday.  at clinic I even mentioned to people that the next day was our 4 year anniversary.  and then I spaced.  and Im glad i did. and i'm shocked at the same time. when you get the diagnosis-any diagnosis, i imagine it is tough to forget that date-youll always have it on the tip of your tongue and can tell anyone anytime those numbers. but it doesnt mean you have to dwell on it. or dread it.  or even acknowledge it.

i think the only reason i do acknowledge it is to measure just how far we have come. and we have come a long way.

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Colleen said...

Between that story and her face, I'm pretty sure we are going to make it. I so proud of you and Ryan for that matter. Way to go team little goose!