Wednesday, October 23, 2013

my baby is 5.

three weeks ago Nolan turned 5.  i know it is over said but man the time goes too fast. im not sad or weepy that he is growing up though-i've never really understood that whole thing-the whole crying because my kid is in kindergarten thing. that is what is supposed to happen people.  it was your plan, remember? to have a typical kid who goes off to kinder, then junior high, then high school then college and then becomes an orthopedic surgeon. or a major league baseball player.  (either would be just fine with us!)
i digress...
so Nolan is 5, he is in transitional kindergarten at an elementary school-basically a big kid.  he is so independent and still such a snuggler.  he kisses me on the lips and hugs me and sleeps with his deedee (blankie) that he has had since before he was born.  we left it at his afterschool for a few days and when he got it back and he was snuggled in bed, he kissed it.  I asked him if he would always sleep with deedee and he said yes.  even when you are in college? yes.  even when you get married?  yes.  so sweet.
he wanted a bowling party this year and because we are trying not to go straight to the poor house we only invited his closest buddies from school and a couple kids of close friends of ours that he has known forever. we had a great time.  pizza, cake, bowling done.  oh and there was beer. so that was a bonus.  all the parents came and bowled too.  everyone had a good time.  more bowling for everyone should be on the list. nolan was so zoned when we sang happy birthday he literally forgot to blow the candles out as evidenced in this video.  love my little 5 year old.

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