Tuesday, October 8, 2013

change, changes, changing.

the theme of the past month or so has been acceptance-otherwise known as "who am i right now?" because I have changed so much.  it has been this subtle thing, slowly creeping up on me.  not fighting it, taking Avery out more, wanting to try dinners out with the many things. and it isnt her that has changed-its me.  its time.  im used to it and i accept it. i really do.

wait, what?

i know, it is nuts. 

and it isnt only me.  my good friend Colleen is changing too.  She writes about it here.  im loving the shift. in both of us. it isnt perfect, and might not last forever, but im loving it for now.

since my last post, i have been so so caught up with the planning for the strollathon and the study that i just havent had a moment to be.  not really a moment. my mind has been racing with what have i forgotten, who do i need to contact.  no-seriously, what have i forgotten?  i was also feeling a little relaxed, too relaxed that I was convinced i was missing something huge.  i wasnt.  We had a very busy and successful clinic on Friday with three new families and two follow ups. I left there at 7pm-partially because I locked myself out twice, (but thats another story).  I was at CHO at 6:45 the next morning to begin the very full day of checking in families that have become like family to me. that night i headed to the hyatt house to meet up with the families for some informal visiting. I knew there would be other siblings there and invited Red to come and to bring the kids. in the past this would have stressed me out so much.  but there they were and Avery was yelling and happy and running all over and nolan was playing with siblings and having a blast and i was good with all of it.

the next day i did it again, up early and off to the hospital to get day two of the study started.  exhausted doesnt even begin to describe. then the nerves for the Stroll set in. Avery came in and had her appointment and then i was off to the park.  then just like that it was all over.  it was awesome. i was able to speak on the microphone-unlike last year.  our friends and family showed up and new families showed up and fun was had.  we had a fantastic raffle, great volunteers and perfect weather.

colleen was there and she was wearing sequins.  i was wearing a t shirt. both huge moves for each of us.

im not sure proud is the right word...but im proud of us.  of all of us.  for settling in and getting comfortable. not giving up but pushing through.  and making things happen.  Colleens youngest asked her on the way home from the Strollathon on sunday if they had "changed the world".  yes they have.  we have.  and we will continue to.  want to know something even cooler?  check this out:
you can change the world, too. 

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Colleen said...

I love you. I love who we are growing into and am pretty certain we are going to be bad ass when we are old, telling stories of back when Rett Syndrome was a problem.