Monday, September 16, 2013

how a simple etsy transaction made my month

i just hosted a bridal shower for my soon to be sister in law with my other two sisters in law.  we had a lot of help from a good friend of mine and it was all coming together nicely. because the happy couple had met at a place called the horseshoe and our theme was a little rustic, i decided to try to find some kind of horseshoe decoration for the tables.  i found a great etsy shop called LuckyGoatDesigns.  she had these adorable pony horseshoes with tags that could be custom stamped with anything really.  we chose their last name, est 2013, lucky in love. right after ordering i started looking at her other items (pendants, rings, etc) and saw she made running charms too. basically a little washer stamped with a message that can be tied to your shoelaces. some examples had messages like "run mama! 13.1" or "run sara! 26.2".  so cute.  then i saw the boston ones. in the description it said this:

This running charm was inspired by awesome customer, Lyndsay, who was searching for a way to pay tribute to the Boston Marathon tragedy.

This Boston Marathon running charm will say "Boston 2013" and a heart symbol. All proceeds will go towards the charity "The One Fund Boston" to support the marathon bombing victims. 

i immediately ordered two. one for me and one for lee ann (who had joined me in boston, and trained so hard and raised so much). i sent a note to the shop owner, beth, and shared with her that i had been there and mentioned that i ran on team rett and that my daughter has rett syndrome.  i also shared that i would be going back again in 2014 to finish this time.

a few days later i found an envelope from her in the mail.  inside were my two boston charms. and another one that simply said "team rett 2014".  she also added a note:
i may or may not have cried.


Colleen said...

Love this. Really really love this.

Carrie said...

I just cried for you;)

Unknown said...

I may or may not have also....

Unknown said...

I just criedddd! Beautiful.