Monday, July 8, 2013

its getting easier

Tomorrow Avery will be seven.
every year (since her diagnosis) at her birthday I get nervous and sad and unsure.  unsure about what to do about a party, unsure about what to give her for presents  and sad about the fact that she will be one year older and still in diapers.
at four-i lost it. at five, we had a great huge pool party and she loved it. so did we. but I still cried.
at six, we were in tahoe-low key with some family-the pool all day then ice cream cake and a couple presents and it was close to perfect. but i was left with some guilt for not giving her a party.

this morning we took the kids to the zoo.  it was great.  we have recently inherited a Convaid
EZ Rider special needs stroller and it made such a huge difference. Avery loved it!  she was quiet and smiling with calm hands. then tonight we celebrated with close family at our house.  Avery had a great cake with purple flowers and butterflies on it and she was super excited to eat it.  I asked her if she wanted more cake or to open presents using my hands and she pointed to the "cake" hand!  Too funny.  We opened her great gifts: Nolan gave her a "special sister" bracelet and she got a "special daughter" bracelet from mom and dad along with a musical hello kitty jewelry box. She got loads of cute outfits too. I think she liked it all but really just wanted more cake. and feeding it to her didnt make me sad

as they say: the pain never really goes away, but it does get easier. 

her cake.

getting ready to blow out the candles

at the zoo!


The Maughan's said...

oh Happy Birthday sweet girl! You are an incredible mom Erica! Thanks for being an amazing example to me!

mj said...

Um, how, exactly do you "inherit" a $1500+ stroller? I'd love any tips. :)