Thursday, May 30, 2013

tooth fairy!

I made Nolan an appointment to see the dentist after he knocked his two front teeth loose this weekend.  We went in yesterday, they took xrays and it was clear that he had broken both roots and the teeth needed to come out. the two teeth next to the two middle ones were also a little loose. geez kid. 

So we made an appointment to come back and have them pulled later that day.  He was so excited!  what a nut.  So we went back and they explained to me what they would do and that it would be a pretty easy extraction since the teeth were so loose already.  They would give him some nitrous oxide and then apply some numbing gel and pull.  They also told me they would like him to go back without me.  I let him know I couldnt go with him and he said "why not?" and I said "Im not allowed" and he said "ok!"  so brave.  He went back and about 20 minutes later he came out with 2 less teeth.  He proudly smiled a very cute new toothless grin and showed me his teeth.  He didnt cry and they said he was very polite.  I was a proud mommy.  We got a balloon and went for froyo.  Nolan was very strict about keeping the gauze in his mouth and would pop it back in after each bite!  We stopped and got him some Motrin for when the numbness wore off and he was fine! 

He put his teeth under his pillow and at 3:26 this morning came running into our room yelling "mom! dad!  the tooth fairy came and she brought me a wallet! and an electric batman toothbrush!" It was pure innocence and I loved it.  When he saw the 2 dollar bills in the wallet he exclaimed "im RICH!"



balloons in the waiting area-we love our dentist!


taking out the gauze

and its back in!

the teeth!
Avery has lost like 8 teeth, the tooth fairy has come every time and she has not shown any interest in any of that.  I know it is not her fault and she would if she could but this experience with Nolan has made up for all of those missed ones with Goose.  these very typical very everyday moments are just so magnified and I love it.

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Colleen said...

Oh I just love everything about this! 3 in the morning, of course! He is suck a little stud, you are doing a few things right lady. love you all