Wednesday, May 15, 2013

not 100% but getting there

A week ago I started to finally feel "normal" again.  A full three weeks (plus) post marathon.  It is absolutely nuts.  Part of me feels so connected to it and the other part feels so...disconnected. I tell people the story and they get the chills.  Maybe Im a little numb.

But things are better.

I had a fantastic weekend with my book club girls in Murphys-a little town in the Sierras-about 3 hours east of the bay area.  We cooked dinner in Friday night, slept in on Saturday, went wine tasting, had a great lunch, made friends with the locals, hung out in a saloon, danced, tried to control the jukebox, got called "bay area bitches in heels", met a bride and groom, laid on the deck to see the amazing stars, told so many stories, laughed so hard, hiked with snakes, shared shoes, ate amazing gluten free pancakes (who knew!?) and just flat out had a blast. 

I truly got choked up at the view from the deck.  We stayed in the lovely home of one of the clubs parents. It was perfect and the view was incredible.  I think I walked out there randomly at least 3 times to just marvel at it. It did bring me to tears. I love those girls, too.  They are smart and witty and fun and honest and being with them makes me happy.  I cannot wait to do our book club trip when we are pushing 60. 

On Friday we had another successful clinic at Katie's Clinic and it amazes me that each time we see families I feel more and more lucky to be a part of their journey. My coworkers are insanely generous and sweet and fun and the volunteers!  wow.  We are so lucky. 

This past weekend we hosted Red's family here for mothers day brunch on Saturday.  It was a great time.   Everyone brought something from bacon to champagne.  I love this family. It is big and boisterous and loud and fun.  Avery had a perfect day.  She was happy as a clam, as usual when family is around. She is comfortable and so are we. There were moments when I just stared at her beautiful face that day and felt the best kind of unconditional love. Her dimples were deep and her cheeks full with laughter.  Nolan had a blast playing with his cousins.  We are so fortunate to have this much family so close.  It makes me miss my brother and sister in law and nephews in Va even more but it allows me to cherish them more as well.
my gorgeous goose

Nolan with his cousin Rowen. 

We got to play golf on Mother's Day and have a nice little lunch and get some pool time in with our friends.  It was perfect.

So far this has been  good week.  And Im looking so forward to attending the Notes & Words fundraiser for CHRCO this weekend.  The week after that we head to Santa Barbara for the Paddle for excited. 


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Colleen said...

It's great to see that your energy is back. So glad that you've been surrounded with good stuff to help you heal. Looking forward to seeing you soon :)