Friday, April 12, 2013

it sort of feels like...

It sort of feels like the night before my wedding.  Or the night before I was to be induced with Avery-or the night before Nolan's scheduled C-section.

Because tomorrow I will board a plane headed for Boston and when I get there I will be preparing to run a marathon. And it will change my life.

it. will. change. my. life.

just like getting married did and having kids did and rett syndrome did.
if I hadnt done any of those things-gotten married, had kids and then been dealt Rett-I wouldnt be preparing to change my life in this way.

I used to say-sure I would love to be able to say "I ran a marathon once" but I never believed I would do it.

Im an emotional wreck. Seeing how much money Team Rett has pulled in makes me cry.  Reading posts from friends new and old wishing me luck makes me cry.  Texts from friends about the marathon make me cry.  Every dollar donated makes me cry.  Its that ugly happy amazed cry where you sort of let out a laugh and just sob-you know that one? that is my favorite one.  Thinking about walking into the Expo makes me cry.  Thinking about it at all makes me cry.

So Im going to bed. I need sleep.  But Im so anxious and excited-this is huge. Im so lucky.

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