Tuesday, April 2, 2013

easter weekend

we had a crazy busy weekend.  it was pretty wonderful.  on saturday we hosted our annual egg hunt with a small group of friends that we have been doing since the kids were babies. the weather turned out to be perfect.  the kids loved the egg hunt (avery couldnt have cared less about finding the eggs, just in getting the candy from them!)  Nolan had an absolute blast and some party goers lingered till near dinner time--which I love.  I even got to sneak off and do a little shopping mid day.  We then left the kids with the sitter to head out to dinner and a little live music with grandma.  We had a great time-watching the lightning out the window was a little worrisome for my 20 miler the next day, however.

on sunday I did my 20 miles.  stretched and iced.  then we got ready to go to grandmas for family easter.  we had so much fun there.  the kids played, hunted for more eggs, ate way too much candy. the adults visited and laughed and ate a delicious meal. it is getting easier for me to see other kids so easily participate in things that Avery cannot is still always the back of my mind...wondering what she would be doing and saying...but she is happy just being Avery and that makes me happy. 

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