Sunday, March 17, 2013

thoughts on 18

I was a little worried this weekend about having to do 18 miles.  I completely skipped last weekend because of work commitments. So I was sort of double afraid of doing my longest run yet even though I had worked out every day this week.  I had planned to go Saturday morning but had so much fun Friday night I was too cozy in bed to get up and go.  So I waited till today.  Once I finally got out of bed, snuggled with goose, had coffee, had some food, procrastinated, and then procrastinated some more-I got ready and left.

I had planned to go the same route on the Iron Horse Trail that I used for my 16 miler and just go out an extra mile. When I left at 9:30 am, it was already sunny and gorgeous with a great cool breeze.  But I was thinking about when I would get back and worrying that it was going to be quite warm by then.  I got lucky and it stayed nice.  Wish I had thought a little more about putting some sunscreen on though.  I got fried.  I have a terrible sunburn in the pattern of a sports bra. ouch.

Todays run pretty much went like this:
I really need gum.
I dont like the cran-razz flavor Clif gels.
My mouth is so dry how can I get gum?
I dont think I like gels.
I'm going too fast.
I'm going to slow.
I'm SO slow.
Woohoo, im halfway to the halfway point!
I should call Red and have him pick me up I cant do this!
I got this.
I hate cyclists-except the ones that actually follow the rules and call out "on your left"
Im halfway.
Is this downhill?
It is!
Wow, Im making good time.
I think Im going to do my fastest 13.1!  (I did but I sort of cheated b/c I had my garmin on auto pause-which means it stops time when I stop).
Wow, I need to walk.
Get running!  You can do it.
Walk please
Walk some more.
Im starving.  Did I bring my debit card?  Yes!  Im stopping at Whole Foods and getting a clif bar or protein bar or Pirates booty or a pie.
Where are the protein bars?  Where?  Where???
Aha.  Yes.  Yum. Stretch.
4 miles to go.
I can't believe it used to be so hard for me to go 4 miles.
3.8 to go...
walk. run. walk. run run run!!!
oh thank god. I did it.
I was gone for 4 hours.  But due to my many stops and the grocery run, my runkeeper time was 3:37 and my Garmin 3:29 (I didnt always pause my run keeper when I would stop for water or whatever.)

Red and Nolan greeted me at the house with a cold lemon lime Gatorade and a cold wet towel!  And it was done.  Next week is an 8 miler.  Then my big one-20 miles.

Im looking forward to that 8 miles.

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mj said...

woot woot! SO proud of you.