Sunday, March 31, 2013

the last one

Boy was I dreading today.  DREADING.  Then the weather report: thunderstorms. Really? 
Running 20 miles is nerve wracking enough without the threat of thunderstorms.
so yesterday the weather forecast was a 50% chance of rain and it didnt rain a bit till last night.  So I was hoping that it would be the same today.  I checked and double checked the hourly forecast and realized that my best window would be to leave the house around 7. that didnt happen. It is Easter after all.  I had to see the kids find their baskets. I left around 8:30 though and it was gorgeous and sunny.  big white fluffy clouds and blue skies. Didnt feel one drop of rain. It literally started to come down about 3 minutes after I walked in the door. 

It was a good run.  I felt strong. I had plenty of water and my trusty shot blocks.  The only hiccup was a pain near my Achilles tendon early on in the run.  It wasnt constant.  It wasnt preventing me from running-but it is a little swollen and tender.  Ill keep an eye on it.

I felt good when I got home in just under 4 hours.  breaking 5 on race day is going to be cutting it close. But who cares.  Its the chance of a lifetime and Im ready to enjoy it.

My next long run is only 10 miles. It is the last long one prior to the race.

It is two weeks from tomorrow.  Im ready.  (for bed).

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rr said...

You nailed the 20 miler! You'll be fine on race day, and I think the sub-5 will come so much easier than you think.

We arrive mid-day on Sunday and will go straight to the expo. We'll be at a bar Monday night with a group of friends. Expo? Bar? Hope you can join me for one - or let me know what your plans are and if I can drop in. :)