Sunday, March 3, 2013


Did my longest run yet yesterday and every step I take today reminds me of each of the 16 miles. Ouch.

I went 8 out and 8 back on a new route. Didn't stop once before 6.5 (except for stop lights/street crossings). At 6.5 I stopped and ate some shot blocks and pressed on.  Made it to 8 and stopped to rest for about a minute. Collected my thoughts.  It's an intense feeling knowing you have just run 8 miles and knowing you have to go back. And, if you don't run, it will take forever. I already knew it would be at least three hours out there so I couldnt really afford to slow down.

I asked for and received some positive vibes from my fellow Rett Racers via facebook before I went out.  It helped-it always does.  I got advice like: "start slow" "stay at a comfortable pace" "let the run come to you" "you got this!" "one mile at a time".  And I took it all to heart.  I started SLOW.  Really slow.  Reminded myself that the long runs are for endurance not speed.  I can work on that during the week.  So I stayed at a nice comfortable pace-trying to save myself for those last 3 miles or so.

Miles 8-10 went by so fast.  It was weird, b/c my speed hadn't increased-maybe it was a slight downhill.  I got to 10 and kept saying ok, 6 more miles, you've got this.  Got to 11 and just had 5 more to go.  No big deal.  At 12 I started to fall apart as I always do b/c running is so mental and I have only ever gone 13.1.  It is like my body thinks the run must be over soon and it just slows down. I walked a few times.  Stopped to take off my pullover.  At about 14, I ran out of water but found a fountain in a park and refilled my bottle.  Made it to about 15.5 and Red called.  Decline Decline!  Not now!  I huffed and puffed to 16, watching my Garmin and my runkeeper so as not to take one more step than necessary.

My most memorable thoughts that went through my head as I ran?  1. That I was the kid who used to walk the mile in grade school.  Didn't even attempt to jog it, I walked.
2.  Running/exercising for three hours doesn't feel like three hours. :)
3.  Please let Red get some Gatorade while he is out.

It took me 3:10:22.  A bit longer than I expected.  Ill blame it on the crosswalks.  But I did it.  And Red was calling to get my lunch order-and to let me know there was lemon lime gatorade in the fridge. So sweet.

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