Sunday, March 31, 2013

the last one

Boy was I dreading today.  DREADING.  Then the weather report: thunderstorms. Really? 
Running 20 miles is nerve wracking enough without the threat of thunderstorms.
so yesterday the weather forecast was a 50% chance of rain and it didnt rain a bit till last night.  So I was hoping that it would be the same today.  I checked and double checked the hourly forecast and realized that my best window would be to leave the house around 7. that didnt happen. It is Easter after all.  I had to see the kids find their baskets. I left around 8:30 though and it was gorgeous and sunny.  big white fluffy clouds and blue skies. Didnt feel one drop of rain. It literally started to come down about 3 minutes after I walked in the door. 

It was a good run.  I felt strong. I had plenty of water and my trusty shot blocks.  The only hiccup was a pain near my Achilles tendon early on in the run.  It wasnt constant.  It wasnt preventing me from running-but it is a little swollen and tender.  Ill keep an eye on it.

I felt good when I got home in just under 4 hours.  breaking 5 on race day is going to be cutting it close. But who cares.  Its the chance of a lifetime and Im ready to enjoy it.

My next long run is only 10 miles. It is the last long one prior to the race.

It is two weeks from tomorrow.  Im ready.  (for bed).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i'm a runner

I'm a runner.  At least that is what I keep telling myself. I have to keep reminding myself of that. In 17 days I will get on a plane and head to Boston to run the 117th Boston Marathon on Team Rett.  I can't really explain what it feels like.  Partly because Im trying not to think about it too much and partly because its all I can think about.  Im nervous, excited, anxious, scared, thrilled, and totally second guessing myself. But Im a runner.  And I know this because when you start saying things like "Im only doing 8 today", you are a runner.

It feels really good to have had this goal-to have been training in earnest for something for such a long time to accomplish something I never thought I would even think about doing. Training has kept me on task, focused toward a lofty goal and Im proud of my commitment to it. 

I decided to try to get a spot on Team Rett the day of the 2012 Boston Marathon.  Nearly a year ago.  Ideas you have that will come to fruition in a year always seem like such great ideas at the time.  And then you find yourself 20 days away from the biggest challenge of your life and you wonder what the hell was I thinking exactly?

But I know what I was thinking.  I was thinking about Rett syndrome and awareness and raising money.  I thought it was a win win situation-raise funds and awareness for Rett while training for and finishing the most prestigious marathon ever.  I didnt realize it would change me so much in the process. I still can't believe this is happening.

Today I realized how many people will be there on race day cheering us on and the old and new friends I will get to see that weekend.  That is overwhelming in and of itself.  Im going to be a mess.  I have already gotten the chills just thinking about the chills Im going to get for so many reasons on race day. It is going to be so hard and so absolutely incredible.
Im a runner.  Im a runner.  Im a runner.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

thoughts on 18

I was a little worried this weekend about having to do 18 miles.  I completely skipped last weekend because of work commitments. So I was sort of double afraid of doing my longest run yet even though I had worked out every day this week.  I had planned to go Saturday morning but had so much fun Friday night I was too cozy in bed to get up and go.  So I waited till today.  Once I finally got out of bed, snuggled with goose, had coffee, had some food, procrastinated, and then procrastinated some more-I got ready and left.

I had planned to go the same route on the Iron Horse Trail that I used for my 16 miler and just go out an extra mile. When I left at 9:30 am, it was already sunny and gorgeous with a great cool breeze.  But I was thinking about when I would get back and worrying that it was going to be quite warm by then.  I got lucky and it stayed nice.  Wish I had thought a little more about putting some sunscreen on though.  I got fried.  I have a terrible sunburn in the pattern of a sports bra. ouch.

Todays run pretty much went like this:
I really need gum.
I dont like the cran-razz flavor Clif gels.
My mouth is so dry how can I get gum?
I dont think I like gels.
I'm going too fast.
I'm going to slow.
I'm SO slow.
Woohoo, im halfway to the halfway point!
I should call Red and have him pick me up I cant do this!
I got this.
I hate cyclists-except the ones that actually follow the rules and call out "on your left"
Im halfway.
Is this downhill?
It is!
Wow, Im making good time.
I think Im going to do my fastest 13.1!  (I did but I sort of cheated b/c I had my garmin on auto pause-which means it stops time when I stop).
Wow, I need to walk.
Get running!  You can do it.
Walk please
Walk some more.
Im starving.  Did I bring my debit card?  Yes!  Im stopping at Whole Foods and getting a clif bar or protein bar or Pirates booty or a pie.
Where are the protein bars?  Where?  Where???
Aha.  Yes.  Yum. Stretch.
4 miles to go.
I can't believe it used to be so hard for me to go 4 miles.
3.8 to go...
walk. run. walk. run run run!!!
oh thank god. I did it.
I was gone for 4 hours.  But due to my many stops and the grocery run, my runkeeper time was 3:37 and my Garmin 3:29 (I didnt always pause my run keeper when I would stop for water or whatever.)

Red and Nolan greeted me at the house with a cold lemon lime Gatorade and a cold wet towel!  And it was done.  Next week is an 8 miler.  Then my big one-20 miles.

Im looking forward to that 8 miles.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Did my longest run yet yesterday and every step I take today reminds me of each of the 16 miles. Ouch.

I went 8 out and 8 back on a new route. Didn't stop once before 6.5 (except for stop lights/street crossings). At 6.5 I stopped and ate some shot blocks and pressed on.  Made it to 8 and stopped to rest for about a minute. Collected my thoughts.  It's an intense feeling knowing you have just run 8 miles and knowing you have to go back. And, if you don't run, it will take forever. I already knew it would be at least three hours out there so I couldnt really afford to slow down.

I asked for and received some positive vibes from my fellow Rett Racers via facebook before I went out.  It helped-it always does.  I got advice like: "start slow" "stay at a comfortable pace" "let the run come to you" "you got this!" "one mile at a time".  And I took it all to heart.  I started SLOW.  Really slow.  Reminded myself that the long runs are for endurance not speed.  I can work on that during the week.  So I stayed at a nice comfortable pace-trying to save myself for those last 3 miles or so.

Miles 8-10 went by so fast.  It was weird, b/c my speed hadn't increased-maybe it was a slight downhill.  I got to 10 and kept saying ok, 6 more miles, you've got this.  Got to 11 and just had 5 more to go.  No big deal.  At 12 I started to fall apart as I always do b/c running is so mental and I have only ever gone 13.1.  It is like my body thinks the run must be over soon and it just slows down. I walked a few times.  Stopped to take off my pullover.  At about 14, I ran out of water but found a fountain in a park and refilled my bottle.  Made it to about 15.5 and Red called.  Decline Decline!  Not now!  I huffed and puffed to 16, watching my Garmin and my runkeeper so as not to take one more step than necessary.

My most memorable thoughts that went through my head as I ran?  1. That I was the kid who used to walk the mile in grade school.  Didn't even attempt to jog it, I walked.
2.  Running/exercising for three hours doesn't feel like three hours. :)
3.  Please let Red get some Gatorade while he is out.

It took me 3:10:22.  A bit longer than I expected.  Ill blame it on the crosswalks.  But I did it.  And Red was calling to get my lunch order-and to let me know there was lemon lime gatorade in the fridge. So sweet.