Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who have I become?

I'm now that girl who travels to races?  Exercise on vacation? Flying to San Diego for one night to run a half marathon? really?


Lee Ann's mother in law suggested we try this race-we could stay with them because the race starts right down the street from their house, literally.  So a cheap southwest flight later the trip was booked.  I had really no intentions of doing another half between Healdsburg and Boston but I felt pretty confident about it now that I had my first under my belt. And I wanted to see if I could beat my 2:34:59.

The week before I did a 12.5 mile run and felt good with my 2:18 time.  I was pumped to try to do really well in San Diego.  I wasn't expecting the hills. They were killer.  And I was slightly hungover.

I arrived the day before the race because I couldnt leave Friday (it was a clinic day).  Lee Ann and Julie picked me up at the airport and we went straight to Road Runner Sports where bibs could be picked up.   There was some confusion about the times on the stores part, so we ended up just shopping a little.  Stocked up on shot blocks, got a Garmin watch (very beginner and very pink), and new socks. Then we headed to La Jolla. My friend and fellow Rett mom Jen was able to drive in and meet us for an amazing lunch at George's at the Cove.  We ate some amazing food on the terrace with the most gorgeous view of the ocean. But the cocktails! I am super into Basil Gimlets these days and not that many people are able to say "sure, we can do that" when I order one. But this place was top notch so they made it work and they made two of the most delicious basil gimlets ever.  The weather was a little off, partly cloudy, slightly chilly and it even drizzled. But no one minded because we were on vacation! In La Jolla!  We were offered blankets that were white and clean and warm and the umbrellas were opened as soon as the first tiny drops fell.

After lunch we window shopped and then found our way to a bar. More basil gimlets! Even talked a couple into trying them-she preferred mint and he loved the basil.  We got to talking with them and shared a little about Rett.  He bought us our drinks.  So nice.  Then it gets fuzzy. I know it was fun though.  We had a lovely dinner back at Lee Ann's in laws.  We hot tubbed.  I had one more drink.  And then was in bed by 10 with a killer headache.

Basil Gimlet #3
Jen and me post George's

Feeling good! What race?
I woke up and felt pretty bad.  Somehow I managed some coffee, gatorade, a bit of a banana and some bagel. And by the time we walked down the driveway and a short road to the start, I felt much better. And then we were off.

I have got to figure out a better way to carry all the stuff I need with me on these races because right before mile 1 I was already stopped taking off my jacket, rearranging my headphones and music and just plain wasting time. From there until about mile 6 it was a blur.  Hills.  Downhills that I knew would turn into uphills. I was going pretty slow.  But felt good. Then a police car was behind me and passed with lights on.  Then I heard an ambulance.  Then I realized I was going to pass by whatever had attracted the cops and ambulance.  And when I saw it, I was completely traumatized. An older gentleman had fallen, I assume, and was bleeding from his face and head.  A lot.  I had to pass him twice because he was just before the turnaround point.  When I came back by, he was on a stretcher.  According to the race's facebook page he is doing ok.

The turnaround was at approximately 7.7 miles and I was happy to know I was more than halfway there. And that is when I got my groove.  Lots of downhills after that and I was catching people that had always been just too far in the distance to catch.

Lee Ann came to get me at around mile 11 and ran in with me (she had finished 8th in our age group with a 1:44!) I was checking my watch like crazy and knew I would beat my Healdsburg time.  We were cruising easily.  Then the last .7 was looming.  A long, gradual, nasty mean old hill. It messed with my mind.  But I did it.  I beat my time!  By 3:02--with a slight hangover. 2:31:57 is my new Personal Best! It felt amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this race until I realized I have to double that in about 8 weeks.

We picked up our shirts and then grabbed some chili which was perfect for the now steady light drizzle.  Back to the hot tub.

Lindsay and Me!

Then my good friend Lindsay came to meet us!  She drove about an hour to get there, had lunch with us and then took us downtown.  Lee Ann and Julie had massages booked so Lindsay and I went to get coffee and catch up.  It has been like 6 years since we last saw each other in person but felt like just last week.  I love that.  It was so good to see her and to use our old sayings and to just fall back into that easy friend groove. The girls came back and we shared a delicious dinner and then Lindsay sweetly took us to the airport.  She had a long drive ahead of her and it was so awesome of her to do that!

And just like that I became that girl who travels to races. And I can't wait to do it again!

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mj said...

Mwah ha ha. I LOVE that you travel to races now! Love it! Can't wait to see you in 60 days. :)