Monday, February 25, 2013

what's the occasion? um, we met online. it's not what you think....

A couple weeks ago I got a text from this lovely lady. Said she would be in the area for a one day business trip and asked if I could possibly meet her in SF for dinner on the 22nd??--ummm yes!! I left work and headed straight to the city to meet up with her-another friend, that up until Friday night, I had never met in person but had known for years. Exactly three years-we had exchanged our first messages on a message board for parents of delayed children back in February 2010.     Over the years we have gotten to know each other through our blogs, then on facebook.  It seems so weird to "meet" someone online and then become friends.  But when you find another mom that is going on a journey so similar to yours and you find that you have much in common and realize you would definitely have been friends-but never would have met otherwise-it just feels kind of normal.

I was already at the bar when she pulled up in the taxi-she saw me through the window and we waved at each other like old friends who havent seen each other in a long time would. But we had never seen each other in real life.  I ended up going out to meet her because the card machine had broken in her taxi so we walked to get money out of the ATM. We were laughing and eye rolling in seconds. It was literally like we had hung out a hundred times.  We went back in and had a drink, then got some food and talked and talked.  We didnt have too much time to hang because she had to catch a flight back to LA.  But I had planned to drive her to the airport so we got a little more time to chat.  We got a lot covered in that short time and made sure to get a few (several) pictures before we left.  

It was a good night.  A really good night and I so hope that she has to come up here for work many more times and for more than just a few hours!

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