Saturday, January 19, 2013

running thoughts

Apparently I can't sit down long enough to really get my thoughts on running out in an articulate manner so Im going for a list:

  • there are two types of people you see on runs: those who respond when you say hello and those who dont.
  • Im not going to stop saying hi
  • you also see lots of people walking. with coffee.they alternately make feel jealous and like a badass.
  • i really hate cyclists. hate. might have yelled at one today.
  • i love running with friends
  • i love running alone
  • i hate the first mile or 2, every time
  • mile three is the best part, every time
  • the minutes seem to go by so much faster in the second half
  • the end is really the best part, every time


Tanis said...

good job Erica~~ Love this!

Colleen said...

I too hate cyclist. Also, I am the person walking with coffee and when I see runners I also think I'm badass. Truth be told I think we both are. Run Erica Run, You Can Do IT!