Sunday, December 30, 2012

fine, i like it.

Yeah I like running a little now.  Well maybe not actually the running part-but the challenge and the way it makes me feel. And the connections it has brought me. And the cool things it has allowed me to do.

Its kind of like rett syndrome.  No, really it is.  Because of Rett syndrome I am stronger, I have met amazing people who will be my friends for life and I have had the privilege to be a part of so many amazing things.

I once was really scared of rett syndrome and didnt want it to be part of my life.  Rett is hard.  Every day.  But, it challenges me in ways I never thought possible.  It forces me to be a better person, a different person than the one that I expected to be. I have to face it-every day-even on days when I think I just cant take any more rett, I have to take it. Some days I take it better than others and I am able to push farther and harder.  Other days I quit, crumble, complain. It is much the same with running.

Im not an athlete, or a joiner.  I never thought I would like running and I never thought I would like running with people.  When I decided to train for the marathon I thought I would do it on my own.  Learn it on my own. I now know that I cannot, and do not want to do that.  It is easier to run with someone. The other person sort of carries you, and you carry them without even knowing it.  I've gotten to the point now where I am able to sort of talk easily through a run and it makes it much more enjoyable.  Same with Rett syndrome.

Doing almost anything with a friend is better than without.  And I know I couldn't get through Rett syndrome or marathon training without my friends, all of you.

The Boston Marathon is quickly approaching.  I officially started on my training plan on 12/5 and have logged over 49 miles--plus some cross training (biking mostly totaling about 16 miles) in between.  It hasn't been easy.  It is cold and wet out there and we have been busy with the holidays.  But no excuses, it has to be done. Kind of like facing Rett every day.

My good friend Lee Ann who is joining me in Boston and is running for Avery surprised me with a Boston Marathon/Team Rett version of "the night before Christmas" when I received this in my inbox the other day.  Thank you Lee Ann!

'Twas the Day After Christmas...
And all through the place,
Our kids played with new toys- dolls dressed in lace.
I in my running gear, sitting on my duff,
Looking at all the piles of open gifts and stuff.

My thoughts were quite simple, they usually are.
I dreamed that Rett research will go really far.
We run for the girls, for the families with Rett.
For the hope that someday a cure will be met.

For the Robertson family- Red, Erica, Nolan and Avery-
For whom a a cure would be delicious and savory.
We run for these girls- some who can't walk
These silent angels, many can't talk

Red & Erica's daughter Aves with a big smile
Whom relatives want to hear talk once in a while
We know she in in there, intelligent, bright.
For Avery we run, for Avery we fight.

On Daniel, on Zenaida in the dark and snow.
Run like you can, run like you know.
On Erica, Kelly, Maren and more
Over Boston's Heartbreak Hill we will soar.

If Aves could talk, "Momma, Daddy" she'd share-
"Thanks for all the hugs, patience and care"
She'd also say "Wow Momma look at you run far!
Of you I'm so proud, most people'd need a car"

Our Garmins are poised, our music ready
Now comes the tough part- the training gets steady!
The training hurts a lot, it won't be easy.
Some days its raining, some days breezy.

We run because they can't, we run because we can.
We'll run Boston in April in front of many a fan.
These girls need our help to spread the word.
That with a cure they'd fly free like a bird.

We'll never give up trying- we'll find a way.
We will uncover a cure for Rett someday.
So we run from a place deep inside our heart.
It's in Hopkington, Mass that we will start.

On Daniel, on Zenaida in the dark and snow.
Run like you can, run like you know.
On Erica, Kelly, Maren and more
Over Boston's Heartbreak hill we will soar.

how cool is that?  


mj said...

ba ha ha! you like running now. my life is complete.

Colleen said...

Sounds like you have found your stride, haha sorry for the cheese. Good for you Erica! You can do it!

rr said...

The 100-day countdown to Boston starts tomorrow! Happy holidays to you and yours, looks like it was lovely.