Tuesday, October 9, 2012

life changing

The phone call we received almost three years ago when we learned Avery had tested positive for Rett syndrome was life changing. Our lives now go down a new path.  That path has brought many things into our lives that we never would have experienced had it not been for that phone call.  We have met the best people, participated in inspiring events. 

Life changing phone calls don't happen too often and they aren't always bad news.  On Monday October 1st, I found this email in my inbox:

"Good morning everyone and congratulations! You will all be Fundracers for Team Rett 2013 in the Boston Marathon!

I will send member names, emails, and more information shortly but just wanted to let you know so that you can start spreading the news and generating some buzz.

Thank you all for your incredible motivation to train, raise awareness, and funds for Rett syndrome research. We are currently reviewing all research projects to determine how our funds will be allocated. For those of you out of state, Rett Syndrome Association of Massachusetts is the organization that rec’d these bibs from John Hancock.

Thanks! Go Team Rett!"

I got in.  Im on Team Rett.  I bought my plane ticket and am going to Boston.  One of my best girlfriends is going too. Two amazing rett mommies and two awesome rett dads will also be there. WOW.  Talk about life changing.  Im going to run a marathon.  THE BOSTON MARATHON is the most prestigious marathon around.  This is huge.  A once in a lifetime opportunity.  I cannot believe it.  Running a marathon was on that list in my head of things I thought I would never do. Ever. But Im doing it.  I was inspired and motivated and I cant wait.  Im going to need your help though-part of the deal involves fundraising for the Rett Syndrome Association of Massachusetts.  I must raise $5000 in order to run. I know I ask a lot of everyone to support our cause.  But I cannot stop until there are real treatments for my girl.  It is within reach.  We can get there and you can be a huge part of it!  Check out my fundraising page here and please share my story:

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