Friday, September 14, 2012

summer, here and gone

and just like that summer is over.  school is in full swing, fantasy football is as well.  im equally excited about both.

right now i am in the midst of the busiest time of my life.  the big rett study that katie's clinic hosts twice a year is back on the 6th and 7th of october-we have clinic on the 5th.  so i will be working from 9am on the 5th till about 6pm on the 7th. the study is both saturday and sunday and we are also holding the 3rd annual strollathon on the 7th.  oh and avery is IN the study and has her appointment on the 7th. its a nutty exhausting weekend.  i got a taste of what it takes to coordinate this weekend back in march. but we werent doing a strollathon then or any of the other cool extra stuff we will be doing in october.

i told a friend today "im so stressed out that im calm"-its strange but true.

i cant wait for the stroll to be over and the study to be over and feel that delicious satisfying exhaustion. i really love that feeling of having done something great and made it through unscathed. it is actually thrilling to be around so many amazing families and researchers and volunteers.  and as much as i might complain about how stressful it can be sometimes, i still feel really lucky to be doing all of this.

anyway-i need to get some rest because im running a 10k in the morning. my first. i hope i make it. i wanted to leave a few pictures from summer first before the holidays are all of a sudden here...
 me and the girls at gus and natalies wedding

 red and me at dinner the night before gus and natalies wedding

 the katies clinic table at FEASTival!

 it was a gorgeous day of wine tasting and feasting it forward!
 Avery's first day of 1st grade!

 Nolan's first movie at the theater!  he kept asking when it would be over!

 game ball-front row at the giants!

 first cold of the school year-6 days in

 nolan at the dentist!  

 breakfast at Starbucks 

adopting "zumba" who is now "oreo" from ARF (animal rescue foundation

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog, and the cover statement is rocking'!!! vnnnjjgbgbgggb - that's from Emlyn...I think it translates as 'Erica, you d'bomb'!! :)