Monday, September 24, 2012

oh i dont know.

i promise i have some really good, really deep and coherent posts in here somewhere...just so much going on.

last monday i submitted the application for the boston marathon which made me so excited and so nervous that i wanted to throw up.
today i continued to box up the contents of my office so it will be packed and ready for the move this weekend.
next monday i move into a brand new office and start a new schedule (shifting my hours by 30 minutes in the morning so i can get to work on time)
and one monday after that i will be decompressing--sleeping in and relaxing and not doing much.
lots will happen in between.
and i cant really think that straight now.

it might be avery's new deep and very loud scream/yells that she lets rip about 20 times per minute.
or all the running im trying to squeeze in. or the never ending process of trying to get avery a speech device. or all the other little things that make up a day in the life of this mom.

but...things are moving along with the speech device.  and i just found out that a grant request i submitted came through for 25K for the clinic and i am kind of starting to like running. a little.


Colleen said...

One step a t a time my friend. You'll get there. Just don't forget to breathe. Xx

Carrie said...

My sister in la courtney is running for team rett forthe oston marathon. She livesin massachusetts y'all should chat!