Saturday, September 15, 2012


i challenged myself today.  i went to a 10K, a trail run, alone. it was my first 10k and my first race in over 5 years.

i knew it would be "hilly".  i knew it would be tough. i did NOT know the first 1.5 miles would be uphill.  and rocky. and that by minute 2 i would be out of breath.

the map they had for the course said things like "uphill" and "roller coaster" and i got nervous.  they were announcing things like "watch out for rocks, tree roots and cracks", "try not to fall" and i got even more nervous.

then it started and i was soon left in the back of the pack.  actually just in the back. panting. wanting to turn around.  wishing i had signed up for the 5k. thinking about how much harder the half marathon will be in just 6 short weeks.

but then i thought about why im running.  im running so i can do the boston marathon IF i get a bib.  im running because avery can't. avery actually is able to run and we are lucky for that-but she will never run a race. so i think about that. and how hard it is for her on a daily basis just to communicate her most basic needs and  i push forward.

sure i walked a few times.  very briefly.

by mile 3, halfway in, i felt better.  i felt motivated. i was in my stride. i knew i wasnt last, i had even passed a couple people.

the last mile and a half was almost all downhill or flat.  i crushed that part.  was flying-almost fast enough to really get hurt on those rocks and roots.  but i made it.  it was a gorgeous run.  fog, sun, forest, mountains, views.  gorgeous.

some jerk guy who i totally had beat came out of nowhere and beat me to the finish line, but still there were about 10-15 people behind me. sure one was a 70 year old man but i wasnt last.

i felt great when it was over, i texted red and the kids to come pick me up and cooled down as i waited.
i could hear the results being announced and though i dont know my "official" time just yet-the winner in my age division (30-39) beat me by at least 20 minutes. probably some young 30 year old.


marie clare said...

Well done, love the new blog design

Colleen said...

Damn those young 30 year olds, they were most likely born ni the 80's ew! So proud of you, for this race and a lot of other things. You are pretty great.

Regina Lucas said...

Congratulations, Erica! I am one of those people who will never be a runner and totally in awe. And you did it with the best of inspirations! Avery is not the only inspiration; you inspire me every time I read your blog. Thank you for sharing all that you do.

We were out in Portland visiting Carrie and Ryan and enjoying Sam immensely for 6 weeks. Now Bill and I are in Amsterdam, the beginning of a 10-month journey through Europe (including Turkey - very excited!). If I get my act together and put up a blog, I'll send you a link.

Hugs - and bravo! bravo! bravo!