Sunday, August 26, 2012

it's not the party, it's the people.

So I've been busy.  And have at least 3 really deep and interesting posts to write-but the deeper the post, the more I procrastinate. So for now a little bit about the very successful, very fun fundraiser for Katie's Clinic for Rett syndrome Red and I put together on Monday the 20th.  If you are my facebook friend, you are probably saying "enough already with cocktails for katies!" stuff! but I have to put it down in writing how amazing it was.

A very good friend of ours introduced us to a great bar in the city called Reed & Greenough in April. He recently became an investor in the bar and wanted to show it to us and some other friends.  It was just my kind of place.  I couldn't really explain what it was about this place-but it just had a good vibe-great decor-fun cocktails.  About a month later I asked our very good friend if he thought they might let us do a fundraiser there.  Within 30 minutes he had emailed the manager and had copied me-he lovingly explained out situation and how much he cared about our family and Avery and that was it.  I was put in touch with Joe, the manager and he immediately agreed to let us have a party there and would give us a generous portion of the drinks sale for the evening.  We met with Joe about a week prior to the event to go over logistics and Red and I just fell in love with the guy.  The bar staff was so friendly to us-and Joe even made a store run when I asked if they had basil for my new favorite drink.  He was so generous and genuine.  And the night of the event-he was again so generous with his time and efforts.  He worked the door for crying out loud. And made sure there was basil behind the bar.

I got a caterer, live music and then the raffle items and silent auction items just rolled in.  I couldnt believe it.  I set up a website to sell tickets and watched as they were snatched up two by two.  We had about 85 people show up.  Mainly our closest friends and family, several rett parents, some clinic staff and some friends of friends.  We are so grateful to everyone that showed up.  It was a monday night and it started at 5pm, in the city.  We know that many of you had to make some serious sacrifices to be there and we can't tell you how much it meant to us to see the support we have all in one place.

It was the best night.  I wasnt stressed-I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time. I had lots of help from amazing family members and friends.  I love it when people just step up and get things done. The music was amazing (, the drinks were fantastic and made by a wonderful bar staff.   We sold a ton of raffle tickets and our auction items got a lot of action. We made $5000 for katies clinic. I was really pumped.

I got a ton of compliments on the evening-that night and in the days following.  But I really dont feel like I did a thing.  Sure I coordinated some things-but the people that showed up, that donated items, that bought raffle tickets, that bid on auction items, that brought their friends, that took pictures for free, that sold raffle tickets like crazy,  that ordered drinks, that helped me set up and clean up-those are the ones that deserve all the recognition.  It's not the party, it's the people. We felt the love big time.

 Rett parents all around!

 thats Joe-he is good people.

 look at all that love!

 my heroes.  they started it all!

ahhh, great friends!!


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i love your dress. love it. and i love you. love you.