Thursday, May 3, 2012

taking it down a notch (or 13.1)

I''m officially "training".  I "ran" 3.1 miles on Monday AND Tuesday. And my quads dont hate me.  Because Im reading a great book called Marathoning for Mortals.  Im taking it slow and trying to do it right.  Yesterday was my "active rest" day so I went to the outlets.  That is, in fact, a real workout, you know.
Today was cross training day so I hit the stationary bike.  Feeling good.  Tomorrow is running/form and then my endurance run on Saturday.  Too bad Ill miss Saturday.  Ill be getting pampered and drinking wine instead.  Hey, I said I was starting slow. Ill do it Sunday. Promise.
Don't worry, Im not yet training for the marathon-that big famous one in Boston.  Im training for a HALF marathon in Healdsburg on 10/27.  13.1 miles I know I can do.  Then Ill have about 6 more months to get ready for the big day (if it all works out and I get a bib, and pay the entrance fee and raise the $5000 I must raise to run for charity).  I plan for that all to work out though.
If you have a helpful tip for me, leave it in the comments.  Im super pumped about having a goal! 

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