Sunday, April 15, 2012

today we did something i never thought we would do.  we took the kids to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. why?  our neighbors invited us.  so we went.
but it wasnt really that simple.
our neighbors moved in a while ago.  like over two years ago. and we have never really hung out.  and they have kids almost the same age as ours. i know.
so recently, via facebook, we realized we had a mutual friend.
so then we became facebook friends and started trying to make a plan to hang out.
we invited them for lunch, then Avery got sick and we had to cancel.
we rescheduled, and I got sick. seriously.
so then they mentioned they were going to Six Flags and asked if we would like to join them.
I said SURE! thinking how in the world are we going to take Avery to a huge amusement park??
Red said, sure lets take Nolan.
Ouch.  We were both really thinking the same thing.  We cant take Avery. No way.
We discussed it one night before we committed and I cried.  sobbed.  hated that it couldnt just be an easy simple decision.
But then we just decided to go for it.
Well, we really went for it.  We got season passes, got in the car and went.
We arrived at about 10:30 right when it opened, got to the entrance, got through the metal detectors, then went to the season pass processing center- and got through that.
We then went on our first ride.  Totally underestimated the spinning power but it was fun and Avery seemed to dig it.  By then Nolan and our neighbors son were best buddies.  Nolan was making himself at home in their stroller too.  Red and I took Avery to eat lunch while Nolan went with our neighbors to the Tiger show.  He loved it. We rested a bit for everyone else to eat then went to the Killer Whale show.  Avery was pumped.  So pumped.  She was screaming a bit so Red took her up to the back a few times.  We got a couple stares from the kids in front of us-Red was trying to give them the evil eye, but I just decided to wave.  Waving worked.  The boy that was staring then said to me "today is my birthday!!" and that made it all ok. The show was great.  Best part was watching all those fools that sit up front get doused with whale water.  Eww. After that we made our way to the kids area.  Went on a couple rides and all was going well.  Avery was doing so great-I couldnt believe it.  She had been fairly quiet and seemed happy.  Then Red decided to go on another ride with the kids-some air balloon looking thing.  He took the two boys and Avery and I was in the next balloon with neighbor dad and their little girl.  Another ride we underestimated.  Went WAY higher than I thought and you could spin the crap out of it.  Red got a little spin happy and, yep, you guessed it-Avery tossed her french fries.  closed the ride down.  whoops.  So we took our cue and said our goodbyes and left.
this was the one that made her puke!
loving the killer whales!

waiting for lunch

on the frog ride!

Nolan and his new buddy Cayden!

When we got on the shuttle back to the parking lot I was all smiles.  We did it.  We last longer than 45 minutes (nearly 4 hours!) and sure Avery puked but that is something any typical child might do.  Her Rett syndrome never really got in the way.  Except maybe being able to say "I think Im going to puke!" But by then its too late anyway, right? I never thought we would be able to do what we did today.  But we did.  Thanks neighbors!

we got home, got some Coors Light, and all went out in the yard.  It was about 73 degrees and I had some planting to do.  perfect.


lainey said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! Glad everyone had a good time, minus the puking part :) But everyone has to do that once, right?

Tina said...

This post made me smile! I'm so happy you had a positive experience as a family (apart from the small incident)!

Amy said...

This makes my heart smile! :) A little puke never hurt anything! (Blog stalker friend of Dawn's) ~Amy

Erica said...

Thanks for your comments ladies! Im still pretty pumped about it!

Dawn said...

I am so impressed and happy that you tried it! We took Lauren out last weekend to do some shopping and had a babysitter stay with Reagan and I felt so guilty all day. I told Wes that I could feel that a part of our family was missing and it felt awful. But, we decided that she would be happier at home and all is well. It's such a tough decision. :-(