Tuesday, April 17, 2012

oh tahoe.

Tahoe.  Gorgeous Lake Tahoe.  I once thought it was a cheesy RV park only visited by retired people in Winnebagos.

Little did I know.

My first visit was in September of 2000-for a wedding-the weekend I met my husband.  (The wedding was his cousins-whom I had known since I was 3) That weekend was literally magical. Ill never forget driving in with my mom and brother and the moment I first spied the lake.  My jaw honestly dropped. "Thats Lake Tahoe???" I fell in love with the lake that weekend-and with Red.

I have been back many times in the last 11 years or so-most recently two weeks ago.  It was a last minute trip-we were invited to stay with our wonderful friends in their cabin on the lake and would be joined by another great family as well.  I wasnt sure how Avery would do but we went for it. Nolan was so excited to see the snow and we planned to take them both sledding.

It was a great trip.  Both kids did well on the ride up-Nolan loved the sledding (Avery not so much).  But the one thing Ill never forget-or get tired of-was watching the snow fall.  There is just something so peaceful about watching snow.  Especially with the lake as the backdrop. It is so quiet-and I dont get a lot of quiet. 

Sure there were tough times-watching the other kids run around and play-watching Avery melt down in the snow while sledding-but I swear those few moments I took to just watch the snow totally cancelled that other stuff out.  Being with great friends, in a beautiful home, in one of the most amazing places on the planet-doing something as simple as watch the snow fall-even just for a few moments-reminded me just how lucky we really are.  And that is not lost on this stressed out mommy-not for a second.
(I have pictures-but of course my computer is being very finicky-hope to get some up tomorrow)

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