Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anyone care to talk me out of this?

I'm not a runner.  I don't really even like running.  A few years ago, after I had Avery I ran a few 5k's which were a lot cooler than I expected them to be-and so challenging.  I knew I would never run a marathon, or even a half marathon (or really even a 10k) and I was only doing it to show myself that I could-then started to try to get a little faster each time-which I did!  I stopped after a few and hardly ever run for exercise now.  I ride the bike at the gym and strength train.  Havent been on a treadmill in ages, although I did do an outdoor run/jog about a month or so ago. I work out regularly, yet remain plateaued as far as losing the weight I want and getting in better shape.  I have recently been trying many different ways to do this with no success (no gluten, smaller portions, shakes etc).

About a week ago, Team Rett (a group of 20 or so which included two moms that I know) ran the Boston Marathon.  Altogether they raised over 108,000 for the Rett Syndrome Association of Massachusetts to support the IGF1 trial at Children's Hospital Boston!  I could never actually qualify for a marathon-especially the Boston. I would only be permitted in if I ran for a charity. 

Im actually thinking about trying to do it in 2013. 

I know.  Nuts. 

I shared this with Red and he was really surprised but very supportive and kind of pumped that I was even thinking of it.  It would be a huge accomplishment and a great way to raise awareness and money for Rett syndrome.   He even said the whole family would go out to cheer me on.

Oh god, Im nervous just writing about this.  Seriously-anyone want to talk me out of it? Or, maybe join me?  Im going to have to start training like yesterday.


Catriona said...

Definitely do it! I'm toying with the same idea. (London, not Boston.) I like running (not sure 'like' is the right word, but I get something positive out of it and it makes me feel good), but I'm pretty new to it and a long way from being able to contemplate a marathon. Hoping to do a 10k in July though... xxx

mj said...

I'm seriously hyperventilating over here. Ryan and I both want to be on the team and I would cry enormous crocodile tears of joy if we could all run it together. There is no WAY I'm talking you out of it. Breathe, Maren, breathe.

BriOli's Mom said...


Dawn said...

You are amazing and can do it, no turning back! I can't wait to read about your training progress and see pics of you crossing the finish line.