Tuesday, January 17, 2012

done with the hospital/ER for a while!

less than three weeks after our trip to the ER with Nolan, we headed there with Avery.  last wednesday Avery was sneezing and had a runny nose.  nothing too crazy.  I ignored it as I usually do.  By Friday I was wondering if I should send her to school but I did anyway.  She made it through school and was fine until Saturday when she started to have some shallow breathing.  We waited it out and she did ok overnight-but by Sunday morning, her quick shallow breaths were accompanied by little moans and we knew it was time to get to the ER. 

We had JUST received her new insurance card (Medi-Cal changed recently and we are on a new health plan through them) and I wasnt sure where they would send us.  I called the advice nurse and she did suggest we take her in. She said we could go to the county hospital, but then said-oh! you can also take her to John Muir.  John Muir is one of the best hospitals in the area so I quickly said that is where we would go.  We woke Nolan up and put the kids in the car in their jammies.  We were seen right away (it was about 6:45am by the time we got there). 
poor little sweet girl.  Her pulse/ox level was about 90 when we got there and they said it should be like 98.  So we were right to bring her in.  they did a chest xray right away and started her on a breathing treatment. that helped a ton and you can see she perked up once Gramma got there!
We spent the better part of the day in the ER.  Gramma came to see us.  Red took Nolan home to get dressed and brought coffee and food back.  Once we found out we would be there a while we mentioned to the Dr that we needed some beer-playoff football was on!  He made it clear it was fine with him!  So later, Red went and got some!  Parents of the year! When our nurse saw the beer she said "is that really a beer?" and I said "yes"-she then says "you guys are AWESOME!".  yep.

We had a great ER doc, and the ER pediatrician was fine too.  I liked him until he tried to teach me about Rett syndrome and he was just so off base!  We had fabulous nurses, pulmonary specialists and lab techs.  Getting her IV in was a little rough and asking for "restraints" was strange but other than that it was a good experience. They started her on IV antibiotics and continued breathing treatments.  She wasnt doing well without supplemental oxygen and we were admitted.  Nolan
 was a big help with the breathing treatments. 

Our room on the pediatric floor was really nice.  We were in the brand new wing of the hospital-it almost felt like a hotel-until I pulled out the "guest bed".  Ouch.  I sent Red home at least twice to get me some things and never once thought to have him bring my own pillow!  Huge mistake.  Either way, trying to sleep in a hospital room is no fun-every time I got "comfy", an alarm would sound, or Avery would cough, or she would move, or someone would walk in.  I think I got about 3 hours. 

On Monday morning, Avery's auntie Tara came to see us before her shift started-at 6:30!  And she brought me coffee!  Glorious!  We had great nurses again and continued breathing treatments every 2 hours.  We had no idea what the plan was.  Finally our newly assigned pediatrician came to see us.  He was cool.  He said something that sounded like we might stay ANOTHER night and I must have given him a look-because he quickly said "let's see how she does by this afternoon!".  Once she was awake and had breakfast, she was back to normal.  We got her up and moving, got the IV disconnected-with a small snafu in between: her IV had a clot in it and there was a 5 minute period when we had 3 nurse working on her and she was screaming and I was laying next to her shushing her and telling her it was ok.  But other than that, she was back.  She ran around the room, yelled and grinded and yelled some more.  She was back.  Next thing I know we get on the phone with the new Ped and he says we can go!  Gramma had come and brought me lunch and we waited to get our final papers.  I was so glad to get out of there.  Being in the hospital is like a time warp.  You know the days are passing but for some reason it feels like they all roll into one...or something.  I have a new appreciation for families that spend weeks and months in the hospital with their kids.  Those are super parents.  Those parents are my heroes. 

We got home and got her on her swing.  Mom showered and went to bed early.  Kept her home from school today so we could get some sleep.  I would say its a full recovery. Thanks for all the texts and facebook love! xxoo

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Dawn said...

OH man, what an ordeal. I'm so happy she is better! She's such a doll in these pictures. Yeah, hospital stays suck and I hope we can avoid it in 2012, after 3 stays in 2011.