Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas eve 2011

once again we hosted christmas eve here at our house.  its the one thing I can carry on from my childhood.  my parents always hosted christmas eve.  it truly is my favorite night of the year.  We have Red's immediate family over for dinner, a "white elephant" gift game and secret santa gift exchange.  We always have a ton of laughs.  Everyone was in attendance this year (12 adults) and there were 4 kids instead of 3!  Everyone pitched in for food and we had a delicious meal-despite the potato dish being dropped on the street and smashing into a million pieces!

Avery was so good.  Nolan was so wound up.  He put reindeer food out on the lawn and we set out cookies, milk and carrots. He would NOT go to bed! That is until Santa called us to tell us he was here!  Nolan RAN to bed-it was hilarious!  And he was out like a light.  Once we knew he was asleep, Red and his brothers put the trampoline together and I wrapped the rest of the presents.  It was a really fun night and Im so thankful for Red's family!   

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