Tuesday, October 4, 2011

and just like's over.

one minute we were figuring out table placement, and the next-truly it felt like maybe one minute had passed-everything was packed up ready to be loaded into the car. all the planning, stressing, talking, meeting (fine, we didn't meet that much) emailing, and sign making was over.

but in that "minute" ( really more like 6 hours!) so much happened.  so much.  and i knew it was happening then, but it doesn't really settle in till a couple of days have passed and you have a chance to look at some photos.  

i was honored to meet so many new people.  families that had never once been to a rett related event were there with huge teams!  with T-shirts.  with hope.  

last year i had no idea what I was doing with this Strollathon thing.  this year was 100% better.  still room for improvement, but what a difference. 

team little goose was huge.  i tried to count and i came up with 49 adults, 32 kids and 3 dogs.  incredible support.  it's probably what made me cry a little when I got up to speak-everywhere I looked was someone I loved. or maybe it was the fact that I had a microphone this time.  microphones are scary. 

the weather was silly amazing.   not a cloud and just warm sunshine.  

our volunteers were so great.  so so great.  we had so much fun stuff-crafts, hair beads, tattoos, slushees, cotton candy and popcorn!  

it is interesting to look back to this time two years ago...Nolan was turning one and we hadn't yet taken Avery to the lab for her Rett syndrome test.  we have come a long way since then. a long way.  i hate that rett has taken us on this detour-but i guess in times like this it feels more like the scenic route.  

so unless something earth shattering happens between now and next year-save the date for 10.07.12-same time, same place. and if something earth shattering DOES happen-we'll just call it a CURE party!


Colleen said...

I marked it down, either way, we are there! You did a wonderful job, THANK YOU!!!

Petrina said...

So glad you all had such a beautiful day and such a wonderful turn-out! Congratulations on another job well done! It truly does get easier every yeat! I'll just be glad when we get to plan CURE Parties instead! Now THAT one will be AWESOME!!!!!

Catriona said...

Good for you - sounds like you did an amazing job xx