Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Wednesday, just one day after writing my last post, I sat down at hippotherapy in the shade to watch Avery ride.  A minute or two passed and a woman walked up and said "I think I'll sit in the shade as well, it sure is hot", "it sure is!" I replied. I wasn't really in the mood to chit chat but we talked a bit.  She told me she was a new volunteer there and was learning so much about horses and how they can help kids with disabilities. She asked me a little about Avery like how we came up with "goose" as her nickname.  She commented on her wonderful posture and cheered for her a few times. I asked her a couple of surface questions and began to notice that the right side of her face seemed a bit sluggish.  We got to talking about rett syndrome a little bit and the difficulties that come along with it.  Then she told me she had been in an awful motorcycle accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. She had to re-learn to walk and talk, but went back to her corporate job just four months later. But then she told me that the whole experience had changed her and her priorities and her corporate job wasnt her true passion.  She went on to say that she was in the process of quitting smoking-in fact, she had gotten into her car just before I showed up and was going home to go get cigarettes but changed her mind at the last second and came back.  She said she has realized that her whole life she had been taking care of other people and now she wants to take care of herself.
I got the chills.  I told her about my blog post the night before-and how it was basically about how crappy things can bring change and light and good into your life and she got tears in her eyes.  Then we told each other our names and as she left to go get back to work, she went to shake my hand and I hugged her.
It wasn't much but I feel like we were meant to speak that day.  It was just so unexpected, and real and the timing was just freaky.
It seems like even when daily my life can seem like it is falling apart, many things are truly falling into place.

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Colleen said...

Yeah for falling into place! I think what makes it hard is the falling part. I am not fond of the free fall in life feeling, even if it is in place. A nice direct route would work, but clearly that isn't an option. Love you and can't wait until when i finally get to see you again :-)