Tuesday, September 27, 2011

been a while

This time of year is hectic for everyone.  It has been especially hectic for us. Avery started kindergarten (no, I didnt have to volunteer to be room mom), Nolan started gymnastics, and Im in 2 fantasy football leagues (undefeated in one of them, thank you very much).  But the thing that makes this time of year most hectic is the Strollathon.

Im chairing this wonderful event for the 2nd year in a row. Now, don't go thinking Im all fancy because Im the chairperson.  It just means no one else really wanted the job.  But Im glad to be stuck with it.  Really.  It's a great way to channel my anger and frustration about Rett syndrome and do something about it.  Watching the dollars rise daily is just a wonderful reminder that we are doing a really great thing.  Even if it does cause me to get a ginormo zit every year.  Pretty sure I got one last year a few days prior and guess what I woke up with this morning?  yep. Im 37 years old people!

Last year was amazing.  Ok, it kind of sucked because it was our first try, but it was still AMAZING.  We raised a boatload of money (just around $72K), tons of people came and it was incredible.  This year should be even better.  We have a nicer venue, more "stuff" to do, a raffle (with an ipad2!), team signs and all kinds of fun stuff.  It was much easier this year to plan-with really the most stressful part being finding and securing the location.

But I just worry.  I get that from my mom.  I worry that no one will come, or that too many people will come.  I worry that no one will have fun and there wont be enough to eat. My mom always bought too much food for parties.  She always over-prepared, so I KNOW it will be fine, but I still worry.

My main concern is speaking in front of the crowd.  Even though I did it last year and I didnt fall apart into a sobbing mess, Im still nervous to do it again.  So nervous that I havent even prepared a single thing to say.  Did I mention that the Strollathon is in 5 days?  Crap, why am I blogging?

I guess just to say that Im proud of the Strollathon-all of them-all over the country.  Even though it stresses me out and messes with my complexion, it has been wonderful to be a part of.  To all of you who have donated, offered to help, made things, donated things, bought raffle tickets and even just given me a pat on the back-THANK YOU.  I have lots of help and I couldnt do any of this without the help of friends, family, the Rett community and IRSF.
Click here for info on the Stroll!

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Misplaced Honor said...

We received the news of our daughter's positive Rett's results a little over a month ago. Right now we are gearing up for the stroll-a-thon near us. Looking forward to meeting others who share our struggles.