Tuesday, August 16, 2011

wine and lunch for a good cause

On saturday the 6th we were so lucky to be included in a fantastic lunch/wine tour and tasting with great friends. This day was donated to the auction at Erika's Dream 5 this past February and our amazing friends "won" this unforgettable day in wine country. What a day.
It began with a champagne filled limo ride, at 11am.
Then we arrived here.
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Rubicon winery, owned by the Francis Ford-Coppola. Previously known as Inglenook Winery and soon to be know by that name again. The whole story was explained to us but by then I had had plenty of sparkling wine and cant recall all the details. The place was gorgeous. We were brought in to the building and poured some Sofia blanc de blancs which was lovely.

We were then brought around back and met by the head chef who gave us the most amazing behind the scenes, amidst the vines tour. They even had some chilled Chardonnay waiting among the growing vines for us. I typically dont love chardonnay, but this was amazing. The weather was ridiculous and the we couldnt have been surrounded by lovelier people. Ill drink to that!

Immediately following the tour we were led back inside and upstairs to a lovely private dining room above gigantic barrels of wine. The food and wine was so good it was silly. My favorite was the heirloom tomato, baby basil and burrata salad. But it was all so good.

Here is a group shot of all of us. We were missing one lovely lady who was sick with the flu-we missed you Lis!
And, of course, a shot of my fave dish.

After our meal, which included a lovely dessert and coffee, we went off to a few more wineries. Here is the gang at Rutherford Hill.

What a beautiful place. And beautiful friends. thank you!

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