Tuesday, August 30, 2011


all buckled up!
happy girl!
home from her first day!

Today was a big day. It's been marked on the calendar for a while now and I have been waiting patiently for it to come. Kindergarten. Moms all over our district sent their babies to their first day of school today-but for us it was a little different. I tend to think I have a slight advantage over those other moms. Moms of typical kids. Kids who may have never even been to preschool-or only ever went to a day care center. See, Avery has been a student in our school district for 2 full years now-because she is enrolled in special education. So, I wasn't totally freaked out. I didn't cry. Avery was so ready for that bus to pull up. She has been riding one since the day she turned 3. It's old hat to her-but the awesomeness hasn't quite worn off yet. She loves it just like she loved it back in 2009. The thing that is a little scary is she will now be attending an Elementary School with lots more kids and new people. Her old school was all special education so we were still protected by the bubble a bit. Bubble no more!

Over the summer, at least once a week, we drove by her school, and through the parking lot and I would tell her " sissy, this is your new school. Your class will be right down there-with Ms Carol. You are going to Kindergarten and are going to have so much fun!" And I would turn around and see her looking at it all and then I'd see the dimple. The dimple is a good clue that she is pretty stoked on whatever you are saying. So that was good.

Last night as I tucked her in, I whispered to her about the bus coming tomorrow and her new friends and her new teacher and she smiled as she drifted off to sleep. I had to wake her up this morning to get her ready and fed for her big day. She waited patiently for the bus and when it came-a huge grin and a gallop down the driveway! Plus lots of screams for her driver and the other two poor stunned kids on the bus!

When she got home, she was a happy girl. I asked her a million yes or no questions: did you like your aide (YES) did you like your teacher (YES) did you use your Tobii (YES) did you meet new friends (YES) do you want to go back tomorrow (YES).

I went through her backpack and it totally hit me-my kid is in elementary school! She is a Strandwood Roadrunner! And she already has a reading assignment-well more like one of those contests where you log your reading time and turn it in for a prize. I was happy to see that the SDC students are included in this school wide contest. Very cool.

Im looking forward to getting to know a new team and making some serious strides this year. Im going to come in soft and friendly-hoping to start pushing for time in the regular ed class. Stay tuned. Tomorrow, back to school night/date night!


Ryan Meyers said...

good job Avery!, we are very proud of you and your awesome mommy.

Anonymous said...

LOVE! This whole post has me grinning from ear to ear (especially The Dimple as a sign of enthusiasm, that is adorable). She is going to have such a great year!

cassandra said...

So glad to hear she enjoyed school :)

Stacy said...

It's been way to long since I've checked out your blog! Awesomeness!

mj said...

yay! so excited you saw the dimple. :) leah starts her third {and final} year of preschool next tuesday. iep tomorrow. wish. us. luck.