Friday, July 22, 2011

facebook-why it's awesome.

There are endless reasons people aren't fans, uh-addicts of facebook yet-"i don't get it" (neither did I), "i don't want all my stuff out there online forever" (this doesnt bug me as much as maybe it should), or "i dont have time" (believe me you will make time!). One of the main reasons people use is to say it has created this weird new universe where no one talks on the phone anymore, let alone, in person and is therefore ruining society for good. This may be slightly true. Maybe it does eliminate the need for an actual phone call but I for one have never been a real fan of the phone-it makes me a little edgy to hear it ring actually. I always feel like Im bugging someone when I call-you just have no way of knowing what is going on at the other end of the line and there are still people who will answer their phone when they are busy or whatever and its always just awkward for everyone. So I am a huge email/text fan. I know the other person will get it, read it, take it in, think a little and then respond when they have time. I like that-no pressure.
Then there is facebook. It's a total no pressure zone. Sure there are people who still post only bragging status updates (sure I have been known to do it from time to time but not EVERY time) that make you want to puke, (and make you feel pressured to keep us with the Joneses-or Zuckerbergs in this case) but you can put it out there and if someone wants to read it they can. If not they can hit "hide all posts from Erica" and everyone is happy. You can post a gazillion pictures of your kids and no one feels obligated to look-they look only because they want to-not because you sent them an email with 175 photos of one day in the life of your kid.
I think facebook is awesome.

I probably spend WAY too much time on it but it honestly has been a great support to me in the past couple years. I have gotten to know other moms/families dealing with rett syndrome all over the world. I have used facebook to raise money and awareness for rett syndrome. I have gotten back in touch with old friends, settled some long overdue disagreements and even been apologized to by a handful of people-made a couple apologies myself.

But, on to the reason for this post. Last month I was scrolling through the news feed when I noticed that a friend "liked" a page called VIVINT. I had absolutely no idea what VIVINT was so I checked it out. I found they are a home automation company-check it out HERE- and that they were accepting nominations for regional charities to win $250K. I checked to see if IRSF was listed in the Eastern Region. They were not. I sent in a quick nomination-and the next day noticed we were listed. There was a short endorsement period and the top 20 charities in each of the 5 regions would move on to phase two. IRSF easily made it to phase two and we are currently in 3rd place in our region and 4th overall. We have nearly 50,000 votes but are nearly 50,000 votes behind the leader. If we make it to first place by August 27th, IRSf will be awarded $250K. What does this have to do with facebook? You can only vote with a facebook account!

So, if you are already addicted to, I mean a fan of, facebook-then please please please use your addiction for good and vote for us HERE and then ask all your facebook friends to do the same. And if you aren't yet there-maybe just create an account and vote every day till 8/27. It may be just what we need to get to first place! Then when people say "Hey I thought you would NEVER get on Facebook??!!!" You can say it was for a very good cause-to get our girls closer to a CURE for Rett Syndrome. What could be better than that?


Zenaida said...

well done Erica!!! I really, really like this post!!!!!

Catriona said...

I love facebook too - for all the same reasons! And yes I hate the phone - I glare at it when it rings and wonder why anyone would possibly be calling when they could send a text or an email :) xx

Petrina said...

Not a fan of the whole phone thing either! But TOTALLY a fan of FB!!! :)

dluvscoke said...

I feel the exact same way as you do about telephones! As far as the bragging facebook updates, I wrote a post called "Un-friended" on my blog that was all about that. It's in my March 8, 2011 archive. :)