Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm a huge fan of those times when things seem to fall into place. Shortly after the email arrived with the news that the Tobii we wanted Avery to use in summer school was being set up, another email arrived to say that our request for a 1:1 aide for Kindergarten had been approved. Not long after that, on a Sunday, I received an email from a close friend of the family saying that she had gotten Avery an appointment for a hippotherapy evaluation that Thursday and could we make it there at 2:30? ummm, yes we could!

After Avery's diagnosis I printed out the forms to get her on a waitlist at a nearby stable that would provide hippotherapy (physical therapy on a horse) and I meant to fill it out and send it in to get her on a wait list. She wouldn't be able to go till she turned 5, but I needed to get her on the list then at the age of 3. I never filled out the forms. Partly because I knew it was something we could most likely not afford and partly just because there were other more pressing forms to fill out.

So when I got this email I was thrilled. Even more thrilled to know that the evaluation would be paid for by this fabulous family friend who has been so generous to us already.

All of us went that thursday to the horse farm (leap of faith farms that is fairly close by-mom, avery, nolan, kaitlyn, gramma and sheila (our wonderful appointment maker). We had to answer some questions and have forms filled out and then avery got to pick out a helmet. I saw the ladybug helmet and knew it was for her! She loved it. Then onto the horse! Molly was amazing-and without the fantastic volunteers it would not have been possible. Tineke is the physical therapist that specializes in hippotherapy and she, along with the volunteers walked off with my little girl on top of a horse!

They made it in to the arena and did some laps--frontways, backways, on hands and knees. Avery made her happy sounds the ENTIRE time. She loved it. We all got the chills and tears in our eyes as we watched her.

Needless to say we are going back. Im so thankful to our friend Sheila for making this happen!

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Petrina said...

I have never been so thrilled at the progress Isabella has made while doing hippotherapy! And she has so much fun! I know Avery will do a fantastic job and you'll enjoy watching her! Isabella just finished the spring session no more riding until fall :(