Sunday, June 12, 2011

brought to tears at urban outfitters

On Friday I had the chance to get out for a couple hours by myself. I went to downtown walnut creek to hit the gap up for some new skinny jeans to wear to my sister in laws b-day dinner (found some on sale for $23!) Downtown walnut creek, for those that do not know, is an outdoor shopping mall with pretty much everything you need- and soon will have something that none of us need-a Neiman Marcus-it is currently under construction-who shops there? Anyway...after the Gap I headed over to urban outfitters- a store I dont think I have been in since my day trips to georgetown in college. I am definitely not the demographic they are catering to and near the end of my stroll around the store I checked my email. I had to sit down on one of the benches in the store once I started reading. And no, it wasn't because of how short all the clothes are in this store (seriously, where are the hemlines headed people?).

Here is the email I received-from Avery's preschool principal:

Hi Erica-

I just wanted to let you know the Tobii P10 was delivered to room 6 today and Carrie is in the process of getting it all set up and ready to go. She will be coming to Shadelands early next week to train staff and begin orienting Avery to the device.

Thank you for the gift card and cupcakes last week. That was incredibly thoughtful of you!

I kind of burst into tears, as I am known for doing!

Those of you that follow my facebook may know that there was a little struggle to make this happen. Back at the beginning of the year, the AAC specialist told me there was a Tobii P10 in a classroom unused and unassigned to a student-she hoped to get it for Avery to have a longer trial. She was 99% sure she would be able to get it.

A few months later, or maybe it was weeks-who knows-I visited one of the class options for Kindergarten and there it was-sitting unused in the corner. A $20, 000 piece of equipment. Collecting dust. I asked about it and was given a shrug and vague comment about red tape. I was getting annoyed. More time passes. No movement. I get angry. I take it out on the wrong person-basically the "proper channels" were not taken and therefore some people were digging in their heels. Thats when I shared this with teacher diane and the principal. Meetings were set up. Things happened and voila! the email in my inbox.

Long story short-Avery has an amazing team. The people that were digging in their heels are not a part of the team and had never met Avery. It was all very silly-following the rules at the expense of possibly benefitting a student for FREE, is not always the "proper channel" to take.

I loved that her teacher and principal were willing in the last two weeks of school to make something happen. We are so going to miss them!

So tomorrow Avery starts summer session-what will be her last four weeks at Shadelands. And she will be doing it with a speech device. Fingers crossed that she will get the hang of it and we can move forward to getting one of our very own! We know she has a lot to say!


mj said...

so. so. excited for you.

Kelly said...

that is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!

Dawn said...

I love it when things finally come together!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

incredible! I'm so happy that she gets to begin learning how to say all she has to say!

Ann Marie said...

That's great!!!

Kim said...

yay! wonderful news... i often cry at urban outfitters b/c anything i want is never in our budget ;) more commonly at their sister store anthropologie .... BUT YAY! I cannot wait to hear how awesome she does with it!