Tuesday, April 12, 2011

where I have been...

a little place called paradise.

we are so lucky to have great friends that invited us to tag along with them at their family condo on the big island of hawaii. for an entire week.

we golfed. we hiked. we snorkeled. we saw a baby humpback whale breach and heard her momma nursing her underwater. we had drinks with umbrellas. we read books. we had book reading races. we drank smoothies with fruit and spinach every morning. we watched very little TV (parenthood and the Masters). we had delicious dinners at home and out. we sat by the pool and in the pool. we ran and took bike rides. we got spa treatments with outdoor showers. we sat on the lanai. we played dominoes and "apples to apples". we laughed - a lot. no one got burned, some of us got tan. it took one of us to realize that nothing can get through 100 SPF.

we tried not to talk about our kids and we all really got into the vacation groove.

just when we thought it was over, our lack of planning gave us an unexpected 6 hour delay-we used it like college kids and took a cab from the airport to the closest bar. ate the best guacamole ever -served with fresh made chips and polished some longboard lagers (my new favorite beer).

we hit up a couple other bars, grabbed lunch and some more drinks. we milked every second we could.

i cried when I boarded the plane-for several reasons:

1. mainly because it was overwhelming to be leaving-feeling so incredibly lucky to have the life that we have and the best friends in the world-and at the same time feeling so sad to not be going home to a "typical" life. (more on this in another post-no room for deep thoughts here)
2. the tourist was the in flight "entertainment"
3. they ran out of beer. i literally got my hands on the last one on the plane.

all in all, though, it was a dream. come. true.
thank you brian and lee ann.

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Ann Marie said...

I'm so happy (and a little jealous) that you got to spend a week in paradise. It sounds like a wonderful trip!