Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Babe!

HAPPY 35th! A few fun facts about your b-day:

This is the 11th birthday of yours we have celebrated together.
( 7th as husband and wife.)
You are officially in your mid-mid 30's!
You are my favorite person to be around ever.
You make me laugh harder than most people.
You are one hell of an athlete-though Im still dying to see you play baseball one day.
You are a great dad.
You are loved by many. Most of all by me, Avery and Nolan.

Happy Happy Day to you!


Unknown said...

Honey, I love you with my heart and soul. I can't believe your 35 where did the time go!! You are amazing. Keep up your great attitude.. E your a wonderful person and a great wife for Red. What a awesome way to share your love for Red. Happy Birthday to my first born. Love Mom :}

mj said...

happy birthday to red! you've never seen him play baseball? you should have a rett fundraiser baseball game. :) then he couldn't say no.