Monday, February 14, 2011

if you weren't there, you seriously missed out.

The McCartney table at Erika's Dream Five 02.12.11
Erika's Dream-a fantastic event put on by some wonderfully amazing people. I wish didn't have to exist but it does, it raises much needed funds to keep the doors to Katie's Clinic open. This was our second year. I didn't cry like I did last year, but definitely got choked up a few times. I once again missed looking at a single silent auction item, but I did get my hands on some amazing appetizers and delicious wine. Last year I was so nervous I missed all the yummy pre-dinner food.
The photo above is of the "McCartney" table. All of us were at the same table in 2010. how cool is that? and this year we were joined by Maren and Ryan-they are the adorable couple in the top right and are the parents of little leah who also has rett syndrome.
Im pretty sure our table was one of the coolest there (ok, fine it was the coolest). One of our good friends got into a major bidding war with the table next to us for one of the live auction items (some kind of golf deal) and it was incredibly entertaining. We laughed a ton. The auctioneer was fantastic and so quick. Our table raised a LOT of money for Katie's Clinic-thank you to our friends and family for being so generous and showing the love by coming again this year. So, if you weren't there-you seriously missed out. And you should come with us next year. We are going to try to fill two tables (or more?) instead of one. Let's do this.


Colleen said...

I love that I know you so much better this year than last! Even though I wasn't cool enough for the McCartney table and I wasn't all there mentally because I felt like crap it was still fun, it was that good! Considering this was my third, I have to say that they are much better with you there!

Zenaida said...

I would like to argue that your table wasn't the coolest....but actually it was. We were having a great time watching the war between the two tables at the auction. Thank you so much for raising money for katie's clinic. That is COOL!

Tina said...

Sounds like you had a great time! You deserve it! I so wish I could join in on the fun! You are such a great, dedicated mom! Hope to meet you someday!