Tuesday, January 25, 2011

one more day

Im one day away from being totally off Wellbutrin and I have to say the process has been pretty easy and really without incident!
This could change easily if Im not able to get to the gym today...Nolan puked last night (at 11:30pm-why cant they ever puke during daytime hours?). He seems fine now and has eaten. I think it was something he ate yesterday or just too much cheese. Either way I was bathing him and washing sheets at midnight. No fun. Ah the joys of motherhood!
And, Avery has a rash. Not sure what it is from-thinking maybe her banana allergy is back. We will see how she does today at school. Im always worried they will send her home! Long story short-not sure Ill make it to the gym and I think the workouts help a ton with my mood. Maybe I should just get off the computer and go. Yep, thats what Ill do! More later!

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