Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Even though it feels as though I have neglected my blog for some time, I am thinking about it constantly.
Every day something pops into my mind and I think ooohh, good blog post topic. and then it kind of slips away. I had big ideas on writing what it means to be a "grown up" and thinking about when exactly that occurs for people. But I just never expanded on it in my head.
So, Im asking for inspiration from my "followers" or whoever reads this thing. Any ideas for me? Anything you would like to read about?


Catriona said...

Hello there. I think anything you write is interesting to your readers - because it comes from the heart. A combination of the 'big stuff' and the smaller, day-to-day concerns is good. I agree, it's hard not to lose track of thoughts - my slightly retentive approach is to keep a 'blog notebook' about my person at all times for jotting down ideas and phrases.

A couple of current possibilities are: how to answer people's questions/how much information to give, and whether she's happy, and how to avoid becoming consumed by the whole Rett-thing. If we post on similar themes, we can compare thoughts! Will also tell you that I'm toying with the idea of writing something about coping without the religious faith that many people have - but I'm not sure I'm brave enough! (Maybe contact me directly to let me know what you think about that - would be interested in your view.) Cx

Erica said...

thanks Catriona! great ideas. I also got another one today answering an email of another rett mom-how to deal with "real-life" friends slipping away...
Id love to chat about the religion thing-I too lack the faith but admire it so in others. email me at

Colleen said...

Erica, I would love to read about whatever it is that you feel like blogging about, sorry to be so not helpful. I like that you blogged about being unispired, we all have those seasons. I read your blog because I like you and I am interested in what you say, regardless of the topic :-)

pamt said...

Hi Erica,
I read your blog all the time and I recommend it to people. Obviously it offers a wonderful place of connection for those who are also walking through life with the challenges of retts. But there are those of us who may not have a family member with retts but who, because of you, can find a deeper understanding and hopefully offer more meaningful support to others.
Whatever you write, I will be reading it. (from Pam Thomas)

Laura Taff said...

Whatever you do, just don't stop writing. If you think of an idea and it's not a good time to write..just jot it down so you'll remember the idea later. There are so many moms going through the stress of having a special needs child that enjoy connecting with other moms dealing with the same or similar things. Just be real about what you deal with every day, like you usually are. Hang in can do it!