Wednesday, December 29, 2010

technical difficulties

I havent posted about Christmas 2010 yet because my digital camera is on the fritz. the lcd screen on the back is not working so I cant see what Im taking a picture of, nor can I see what the picture I took looks like. kind of like the old days I guess. but because of this I havent been using it at all. my "good" camera has also been on the fritz. On Nolan's birthday I got it out to use it and it wouldn't take pictures. this may have been due to the broken battery door (if it isn't just right it wont work) but Im not sure that was it. I got it out to use on Christmas and voila! it worked. sort of. my auto focus is stuck or something and I got many a blurry picture. But I also got some good ones. Well then, you ask, what is the issue? A few months ago I noticed that the the little metal piece on the USB cord that goes into the camera was bent. So I picked up a new one, brought it home, hooked up my camera and....nothing. I think Ill have to take it in to be looked at after all. I know it isnt the USB port. I tried everything. Its the camera.
So, until I can get the christmas pics up, the christmas 2010 post will have to wait. Let's just say Im so glad the holidays are behind us. Everything went well, but Im exhausted.

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